Jessica Lawson Foundation

A newly created local Hull & East Riding of Yorkshire Community Group based in Kirk Ella, East Yorkshire. Also in association with the Rose Charitable Foundation Charity number 1157176.

From the concept of the JLFoundation to the launch of a live website it has been almost 3 years. Set up by Antony and Brenda Lawson, the parents of Jessica Lawson who died on 22nd July 2015 after an incident in an open water lake the previous day…Jessica was on her school trip in the Meymac Region of Central France.  She was 12 years & 8 months old.

Jessica’s family quickly came to realise there is little or limited practical, emotional or financial help or support available for parents like them who experience the trauma & grief reaction to an unexpected child bereavement. They are living the nightmare and from their own experience they were left to cope alone. Ignored, abandoned and isolated.

Jessica Lawson Memorial

Our aims

Provide other bereaved families and/or their friends a point of reference…a single point to search for the specialist charities and organisations who do exist, who can offer support at a time when parents are desperate, unable to process or function normally.


Share info & work together

Provide direct contacts, information and links to ‘be the bridge’ many other vastly experienced trauma, grief & bereavement specialist organisations and charities. Simplify & Improve accessibility to bereavement support and trauma counselling when it is needed and based on the individual families loss.



Develop the ‘Survival Handbook’ containing practical advice, wellbeing products & examples of wellbeing services available. Introduce parents to the specialist Bereavement Breaks…short, respite holidays…especially arranged in association with the JLFoundation and a network of partners mainly based in The Algarve region of Portugal. Introduce parents to the Re words. Retreat, respite, recharge, refocus and relax.